Monday, April 18, 2011

BESTeam Feature: AncientOils - Goddess Blends Unique Bath Salts & Essential Oil Blends

This week we have the honor of featuring Ancient Oils @ of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Heart Chakra - Quan yin, Eastern Goddess of Compassion. 10 oz.

Ancient Oils is owned by Lilly DelValle. Lilly has a degree in Metaphysics and Certifications in Holistic Energy Healing. She has studied and practiced Holistic and Spiritual Healing.

Dead Sea Mud w/ Aloe Vera gel (6 oz)

Frankincense Essential Oil - Undiluted Therapeutic Grade 1/3 oz

The practice of using essential oils is commonly referred to as aromatherapy, and is used for physical and psychological well-being. In ancient times, sweet smelling oils were more respected for both medicinal and their healing properties than scent. Essential Oils are often referred to as "Mankind's First Medicine".
Aromatherapy is the inhalation of plant oils, called essential oils, for improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Essential oils are the pure essence of the plant often referred to as nature's living energy and can provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly.

Rose Gardenia Scented - Goat's Milk Soap 4 oz ea.

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