Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft Patch Craft Show

CRAFT PATCH CRAFT SHOW is coming once again to The Pavilion at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The show will be Friday, December 3, 2010, from 11am to 8pm, and Saturday, December 4, 2010 from 10am to 4pm. DOORS WILL NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC TILL 11 AM ON FRIDAY AND 10 AM ON SATURDAY, so the first 100 shoppers on both days will have equal chance to receive a shopping bag, with one lucky shopper each day getting a $50 gift certificate to use at the 2010 show. The give aways are great success and usually gone within 3 minutes of the doors opening, so get to the show early to get you shopping bag and a chance to win the $50 gift certificate. Parking and admission, as always is free and this year will be another exciting year of holiday favorites from the region’s most skilled crafters.

More information can be found online at:


We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Step Back In Time Christmas Craft Festival

"Step Back in Time" Christmas Craft Festival
Jamesport's annual "Step Back in Time" Christmas Craft Festival is always held the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Huge crowds attend the craft show annually, and have been for years!
This is our largest event of the entire year!
There are over 80 craft booths in 3 buildings - the High School, the Grade School
and the A.V. Spillman Theater Building. There is also an old time cookie and candy walk,
along with live music and plenty of hot cider and goodies.

Monday, November 15, 2010

28th Annual Best Little Arts & Crafts Show in Independence, Missouri

The Roger T. Sermon Community Center will transform all four (4) floors into a shoppers paradise on November 19th & 20th for the 28th Annual Best Little Arts & Crafts Show in Independence.  You will find all kinds of fabulously handmade unique gifts like holiday decor, homemade jams, jewelry, paintings, tea wallets, scarfs, and much, much more!

The Sermon Center is located at 201 N. Dodgion, on the Southeast corner of Truman and Noland Roads; just east of the Historic Downtown Square.

Take advantage of the free shuttle service that will run from the northwest corner of Truman & Main to the Sermon Center every half hour. 

Show hours are:
Friday, November 19 - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 20 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Admission and Parking are free!

Our booth is located on the first floor in the Gym, booth numbers 8 & 9.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Northland Cathedral Holiday Bazaar

Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, November 13
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Northland Cathedral
101 NW 99th Street

Kansas City, MO 64155

Over 90 vendors featuring original art, crafts, home based businesses, and baked goods participate in the annual event.

Free give-aways all day - must be present to win.

Start your Christmas shopping with us!

Thanks to the fabulous gem show over this past weekend, I have some new stones to incooperate into my designs.  Stop by and check them out before they are gone!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Harvest Craft Show @ The Pavilion at John Knox Village

Look for us at the upcoming...

Friday, November 5, 2010 From 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday, November 6. 2010 From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Over 90 vendors will be presenting their hand-made arts and crafts to enhance your holiday spirit at "The Pavilion at John Knox Village" in Lee's Summit MO.

Some of the items available will be doll furniture, wood crafts, quilts, quilt supplies, scrapbooks, embroider, crochet, floral arrangements, acrylic painting, ceramics, holiday decorations, jewelry, Outdoor and Wildlife Photography and much more...

At The Pavilion @ John Knox Village

520 NW Murray Rd
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Then on Sunday, November 7th from 12 pm to 6 pm we will be exhibiting at the Independence Center; 2035 Independence Center Drive, Independence, Missouri 64057
I have to get to work!  Have a great week!


Monday, October 25, 2010

BESTeam Feature:

Wow what a fabulous collection I found in this shop.  I would like to introduce you to: Ardent Reverie...

Ardentreverie is created by two crazy sisters working like crazy in a tiny room.  They create unique Hair Accessories,  Jewelry, Hats, Scarves and Paintings in San Diego, CA.

Support Ardent Reverie and vote for them for the RAW awards. Register and then visit their RAW profile page to vote. You can vote everyday until November 1st.


You can also visit Ardent Reverie Online at:

Monday, October 18, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature:

An interview with Paradise Purls...

How did you get started?
I got started knitting after my MIL and some friends talked to me about it for years. I resisted at first, thinking it was boring. Was I ever wrong...once I finally agreed to give it a try, I didn't tell anyone. I got a How to Knit book and taught myself, and fine tuned my skills with the help of my friends and MIL. I was instantly's so calming for me.

Where do you create?

I can create anywhere with knitting! I knit at home, dr.'s ofc, kids activities...on and on. Some things demand more focus so those projects are done at home only. I do have a "studio" (I took over the study) with a craft table and lots of shelving. I mostly do my beading in there.

Tell us how you decided on your shop name.

My husband helped me pick a name. We wanted something clever and memorable. "Purls" is not misspelled, it's a knitting term. :D

How did you feel the first time someone actually paid money for something you had made?
The first time someone bought one of my items, I was thrilled. I received such great feeback from my 1st customer! It was wonderful to hear someone so happy with what I had created.

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this? 

The best advice I can give the newbies (which I still consider myself in a some respects) is to brand your shop...choose a banner and avatar that reflects what you do and use it everywhere...on Etsy, on a blog, on handmade forums, on business cards and thank you notes, on packaging. You get the idea. Exposure, getting your name out there is key!

Where can you be found online?

How do you handle your family life while creating from home? 
I do have to be careful because I create at home. It's a constant balancing act. I try my best to do most of my creating, photography, listing, packaging, etc. while hubby is at work and kids are at school so they have my full attention when they all get home. I'll still jump online to do a little marketing later in the evenings, and I knit while hanging with the hubby at times. I'm lucky to have the house to myself during the day, but I still find it hard to shut all creating off when everyone is home. Sometimes, when inspirations strikes, I have to act. I'll at least sketch out an idea so I don't lose it. :D


I have a sale running right now on select Knit Baby & Toddler Hats, on sale for $12 ($5 off original price). In addition, I will happily offer your readers, 10% off anything in either of my shops. Please have them use the discount code "BD1010" in the notes to seller during checkout and I'll reimburse them. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maple Leaf Festival - Baldwin City, Kansas

Come see our newest pieces at the fabulous Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, KS.

Saturday October 16th from 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday October 17th from 9 am to 5 pm

Our booth will be located outside on High Street. A map and schedule of events can be found at:

Next Saturday, Ocotber 23rd, we will be back indoors at the Shawnee Civic Center; 13817 Johnson Dr; Shawnee Mission, KS 66216-3802 from 10 am to 4 pm.

A full list of shows can be found at:

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature: From Shirlee

An Interview with fellow BESTeam member

How did you get started?

I lost my job in June. Since it was the summer time I had a lot of time with my two teenagers. We started crafting together (crocheting etc.) while watching some good movies.

After I made my first Amigurumi octopus several family members said I should put it on Etsy. I didn’t even know what Etsy was!!

It is my hope that during the time I have unemployment available to me I can make a go of this to the point that I don’t have to go out and get another job. How awesome would that be to get to stay home and do what I love; and have people pay me to do it!!

Tell us how you decided on your shop name.

Since this was something my girls and I were doing together we wanted to come up with something that reflected this. Somehow we got talking about how I learned from my mom and it all came “from Shirlee”. Ta da!

From Shirlee's Shop Bio goes like this: Once upon a time, there was a woman named Shirlee. She was very beautiful and talented.

Shirlee was the mother of a girl named Linda. She taught Linda all the secrets of being talented and crafty, and Linda came to excel at them.

Linda grew up and became the mother of two girls named Brittany and Ashley. She raised them in the grand tradition of arts and crafts.

Together, they decided to create an Etsy shop. Between the three of them they had all the fantastic talent of crafting stacked to the nines.

It all came FROM SHIRLEE.

Where do you create?

I create all over the place. It just depends on what I am doing. Most of my stuff I do in my craft room. It is an office turned craft room. I do my paper type crafts here. Scrapbook pages, cards, magnet boards etc.

I crochet and embroider in my family room. That way I can watch a movie or two. I am a queen of multi tasking you see!

What inspires you to create your products?

The fact that I LOVE to do crafty things is what inspires me. I like to make things that I would enjoy having or using. I make things that I feel are cute for d├ęcor and that I enjoy making.
 I just hope there are people out there who like the same kind of stuff I do and are clamoring to buy it from me.

How did you feel the first time someone actually paid money for something you had made?

It was actually kind of funny because it was my sister in law that bought my first item, and the second, and the fourth. I don’t think she can support me so I hope there are more of her out there. It felt wonderful though.
 Where do you see yourself and your products in 10 years?

I haven’t even thought that far. I am just hoping that I can find the “right” products to make this work for me within a year to replace having to go get a “real” job.

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this?

I AM a newbie. I would say join BESTeam. I have learned a lot in the short time I have been a member.

Family?Where can you be found online?

I have been married to my hubby for about 23 years. We like to tell people we have been happily married for 5 years. A day here, a day there, you know.

We have two daughters. Brittany is 19 and going to the local University. Ashley is 16 and a Jr. in High school.

We have a naughty pug named Sophie and two guinea pigs; Jerry and Daisy.

I am also mom to umpteen various and sundry teenagers who are randomly in and out of thehouse filling the family room and eating our food. Good times!


Twitter would love it if people would come by and heart my shop, like me on Facebook, and follow my blog. My blog is about other stuff that I do as a resident Domestic Goddess, not just my etsy shop.

Linda's shop has some really nice things in it.  I was very happy to get to explore them and get to know the crafter behind them.  I hope you take them time to visit her fabulous shop.

Have a great week everyone


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature:

A BESTeam interview with: Our Home To Yours

How did you get started?
Debbi-My mother was an artist, so I've always been involved in art and craft stuff.
Mandy-same with me. Nana was a very big influence. I have always been involved with fine art, but picked up crafting the past year or so.

Where do you create?
Mandy just moved back home from out of state, so we can create together. Debbi's husband built her a studio on our property in Stony Point, NC.

Tell us how you decided on your shop name.
Debbi-I decided on the shop name, but I don't know why. lol
Mandy-I heard about Etsy on the Martha Stewart show, and we agreed to try it. So far, so good,haha.

Debbi-happily married to my best friend, we are therapeutic foster parents. We adopted Hannah (my model) in 2008, which made her the youngest of 9 kids.
Mandy-happily married to my best friend and we have 1 little boy (for now). But I come from a long line of New York polacks.
Debbi-yea, from my side!!! hahaha

What inspires you to create your products?
Debbi-pretty much anything and everything. Something I'll see in a magazine, the season of the year, a holiday, an urge.
Mandy-other etsy sellers and the Lion Brand newsletters.

How did you feel the first time someone actually paid money for something you had made?
Debbi-pleasantly surprised, lol.
Mandy-flattered and validated. I've always worried about my items, and it feels good that other people like them also.
Debbi-we artists are sometimes our own worst critics. But Mandy has great talent, especially in the fine arts. I'm hoping that now she's back and the studio is open, you'll see more artwork in the shop. I have trouble drawing a straight line, with a ruler, ;p

Where do you see yourself and your products in 10 years?
Debbi-I'm not trying to be the next Martha Stewart. I just like to express myself and I'm a strong believer in handmade gifts. I just want to be healthy, happy, and a witness of God's blessing to His children.
Mandy-yeah, me too. 

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this?
Debbi-do something in and for your shop everyday if possible, but don't spend all your time just promoting. Everything needs to be in balance, if you're too busy promoting your shop, there's no time to craft items to sell on the shop. Have good customer service, and a quality product.
Mandy-you have to be deligent with your shop, don't give up too easy.

Where can you be found online?
and we have a shop for our vintage records.

Special Offer for blog readers!
Our summer flip flops are 50% off right now, and we will offer 20% exclusivly to your readers. Just mention they read about us in your blog.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature:

An Interview with Miss Pretty Perfect:

How did you get started?
With scraps from a local home decor fabric store that had a "bargain" room.

Where do you create?
In my home studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Sometimes a "makeshift" studio.

Tell us how you decided on your shop name.
It just hit me one morning as I sat on the side of the bed.  MissPrettyPerfect, because we're all Perfect in His sight!

Family consists of a husband and a very intelligent 5 year old son.

What inspires you to create your products?
I'm inspired by ideas of handbags in my head and of course, beautiful fabrics like embroidered silks and chenille.

How did you feel the first time someone actually paid money for something you had made?
I asked myself, "why?" and then immediately listed more for sell!

Where do you see yourself and your products in 10 years?
*deep breath*  Not really sure.  I just wanna make stuff and be able to support my hobby habit.

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this? 

You won't know until you try.  Be willing to invest in your gift by taking classes and really getting involved.  Learn All that there is to learn about what you love to do :)  And be confident!

Where can you be found online?

Discount for Blog Readers:
I will extend an extra 10% off Sale and Regular priced handbags.  Contact the seller prior to purchasing regarding this discount and let them know that you found them on the Alexanders Designs Blog!

Thank you Miss Pretty Perfect for a great interview!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature:

Fish Princess Designs is created by an accountant who has a need to release her creative side! If she is not busy on her creations you might find her in the stream-she is an avid fly fisher woman!

Fish Princess Designs is inspired be the great outdoors... a mountain stream, a walk in the woods, the beautiful Great Lakes, a fabulous sunset, a stormy sky! 

She gathers bits of sea and beach glass to use in the designs. Only naturally surf tumbled sea or beach glass is used in her creations.

Find Fish Princess Designs Online at:

Tell them Alexanders Designs sent you!

Have a great week

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shawnee Town Craft Fair

We will be participating in the Shawnee Town Craft Show again this year.

Friends of Shawnee Town Craft Fair
September 18, 2010

09:00 am to 04:00 pm

Friends of Shawnee Town Craft FairIn search of a unique decorative item or holiday gift? Shawnee Town will be overflowing with seasonal crafts, including holiday ornaments and trees, candles, floral arrangements and much more at the 35th Annual Shawnee Town Arts & Crafts Fair.

Join crafters at Shawnee Town, 11501 W. 57th, on Saturday, September 18, 2010. The Arts and Crafts Fair is presented by the Friends of Shawnee Town. Admission is $1.00 at the gate, and all proceeds benefit the Shawnee Town Museum. Call Shawnee Town (913) 248-2360. >> Press Release (pdf)

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature:

An interview with fellow BESTeam member Naomi from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK who creates Moon Angel Art.

How did you get started?
I have always been a fine art artist having enjoyed sketching and painting since I was a girl, and found myself dabbling in abstract art when the educational curriculum in my country strated getting to my nerves back in my college days.  It was almost a natural progression for me to involve myself in digital painting and then again into photographic altered art!

Tell us how you decided on your shop name.
It's nothing special really... Moonangelnay is a name that has followed me since I set up my hotmail account over 10 years ago!  I am quite a positive person, and have a bit of a spiritual outlook on things so it's context is derived from the things that mean the most to me deep down.

Where do you create?
My creative world is the world around me.  I mostly do Macro photography so my photos are taken from things closest to me ironically lol.  Like my home, my garden, my mothers garden.  Landscapes are taken around the beauty i find around my hometown of Birmingham in the UK and I'm hoping that I can start travelling someday to expand on my landscape photography.  I have recently opened up a new shop which is totally the opposite of my photography and focuses on baby knits lol!  But it's something else i love to do at home :)

I grew up as an only child with my mom before moving 4 years ago to live with my current partner, yet before my son was born i found my father after not knowing him or his family my whole life and discovered i had 6 siblings!  I have recently had a baby girl and enjoying having a wonderful big bouncy and enthusiastic family in my life :)

What inspires you to create your products?
The beauty I see around me in the natural world, my philosphy on life, the law of attraction, my family (especially my son and daughter), artistic people... There's a whole multitude of things that inspires me really.

Where do you see yourself and your products in 10 years?
I am about to venture into portraiture as a business outside of Etsy and I would love to be known for my more abstract artistic style, as well as my sensitivity to things that mean the most to people, like their family and children.  If I ever made it into a Gallery I would be so chuffed!

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this?
Marketing is THE most important thing besides getting your shops optimised in appearence and information on the web.  My advice would be to take GOOD photos (I offer tips on my blog in my photography 101 section., pick out as many keywords related to your products and put them in your store titles, catagories and announcement, and then promote promote promote!  Renew and List frequently for Direct Etsy traffic, take advantage of social networks like twitter, facebook and blogging (at least blogs seems like a social network to me in the handmade community!), and use the Etsy forums!

Where can you be found online?

Coupon Code for our blog readers:
Use the code word AXD in either my photography stores or my baby knits store when ordering (type in code into message to seller), I will refund back 15% of their purchase via paypal :)