Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature: Moonangelnay.etsy.com

An interview with fellow BESTeam member Naomi from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK who creates Moon Angel Art.

How did you get started?
I have always been a fine art artist having enjoyed sketching and painting since I was a girl, and found myself dabbling in abstract art when the educational curriculum in my country strated getting to my nerves back in my college days.  It was almost a natural progression for me to involve myself in digital painting and then again into photographic altered art!

Tell us how you decided on your shop name.
It's nothing special really... Moonangelnay is a name that has followed me since I set up my hotmail account over 10 years ago!  I am quite a positive person, and have a bit of a spiritual outlook on things so it's context is derived from the things that mean the most to me deep down.

Where do you create?
My creative world is the world around me.  I mostly do Macro photography so my photos are taken from things closest to me ironically lol.  Like my home, my garden, my mothers garden.  Landscapes are taken around the beauty i find around my hometown of Birmingham in the UK and I'm hoping that I can start travelling someday to expand on my landscape photography.  I have recently opened up a new shophttp://babamoon.etsy.com which is totally the opposite of my photography and focuses on baby knits lol!  But it's something else i love to do at home :)

I grew up as an only child with my mom before moving 4 years ago to live with my current partner, yet before my son was born i found my father after not knowing him or his family my whole life and discovered i had 6 siblings!  I have recently had a baby girl and enjoying having a wonderful big bouncy and enthusiastic family in my life :)

What inspires you to create your products?
The beauty I see around me in the natural world, my philosphy on life, the law of attraction, my family (especially my son and daughter), artistic people... There's a whole multitude of things that inspires me really.

Where do you see yourself and your products in 10 years?
I am about to venture into portraiture as a business outside of Etsy and I would love to be known for my more abstract artistic style, as well as my sensitivity to things that mean the most to people, like their family and children.  If I ever made it into a Gallery I would be so chuffed!

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this?
Marketing is THE most important thing besides getting your shops optimised in appearence and information on the web.  My advice would be to take GOOD photos (I offer tips on my blog in my photography 101 section.  http://moonangelnay.blogspot.com), pick out as many keywords related to your products and put them in your store titles, catagories and announcement, and then promote promote promote!  Renew and List frequently for Direct Etsy traffic, take advantage of social networks like twitter, facebook and blogging (at least blogs seems like a social network to me in the handmade community!), and use the Etsy forums!

Where can you be found online?
ETSY @ http://moonangelnay.etsy.com
BABY KNITS @ http://BabaMoon.etsy.com
ARTFIRE @ http://artfire.com/users/moonangelnay
TWITTER @ http://twitter.com/moonangelnay
FACEBOOK @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/moonangelnay-on-Etsy/213900790295
FLICKR @ http://www.flickr.com/people/moonangelnay/
STUMBLEUPON @ http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/moonangelnay/

Coupon Code for our blog readers:
Use the code word AXD in either my photography stores or my baby knits store when ordering (type in code into message to seller), I will refund back 15% of their purchase via paypal :)


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