Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Home...Home Sweet Home

We are back from our trip to Omaha, NE. We enjoyed our stay but we are very happy to be home. We did not have alot of time to play, but we did go to the zoo before we came home. Here are some pictures we thought we'd share with you:

The ride home, oh sweet it was, but alot of bugs had to loose theirs lives so we could make this trip! Sorry buggies...

Stingray in the aquarium - they just float over you, great to watch.

The new Skyfari was very entertaining to my three kids-the eldest above

I walked the trip, I am a wussy.

All the bears were sleeping while we were there...

There is a peacock around every corner-even in the trees.

How do you think all those scratches got into that window?

This gorilla was sitting here waiting for its keeper to throw him pieces of bread from the keepers lunch-which was a hot dog, keeper got the dog and the gorilla got most of the bread.

Inside looking up at the desert dome roof.

Well I have more shots, but everytime I add a new picture I have to fix the formatting on this thing, so that is all I have the patience for.
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