Friday, April 17, 2009

Custom Fused Glass Images

Have you seen this? This is my personal image transfer pendant, my babies-yeah they are older now, but you can't get them this close to eachother anymore-if you know what I mean.

Let me tell you how we make these-I won't give away too many secrets though! We use a laser printer to print images onto special paper. We then fuse a pendant together, get it just right. Then the next day we pick a image for that piece and water slide it onto the glass. It then sits for 24 hours. After that we fire it again. This time the image is burned into the glass. The image starts off black, then when it burns into the glass it turns a sepia color (brown tones). It is a nice antique classic look. This image will not scratch off, I have tried-it is on there, so I have to get it just right or all is ruined!

So this process takes at least 3 days, that does not include the time it takes to format the images so they fit or sometimes we grind/shape our pieces and fire again. All of this work is worth it though, just look at my little ones...I will have this piece forever.

Do you want one of your own, just let me know. Prices start at $25.00 for your own 1 inch by 1 inch image transfer. Your choice of colors and you can choose one or two colors. You can also add a leather cord with a sterling clasp for $5.00.

These are going to be great Mother's Day gifts, e-mail me if you are interested.

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