Monday, August 23, 2010

BESTeam Weekly Feature:

We are happy to feature and introduce to you Unique Designs By Ms P.

How did you get started?

I have loved color, fabric, texture, and bling for as long as I can remember. These passions have taken me into may forms of crafting; designing and sewing clothing and assessories, creating assessories with the crochet hook, and assembling jewelry to compliment my designs. I turned to Etsy as a way to finance my addiction and found that I enjoyed providing designs for unique self expression even more.

Where do you create?

I work from a small home office in Northern California.


At this stage of life, the children are grown and starting families of their own. This allowes me the opportunity to spend time creating. 

What inspires you to create your products?

Everything and nothing; looking through a seed catalog, walking along the ocean or in the woods, the colors in a particular fabric or yarn, a specific bead or beads, or the quiet stillness of an early morning. There are times when I create daily, and times when I get nothing.

Where do you see yourself and your products in 10 years?

In 10 years, I know that I will still be creating and my plan is to have established enough of a following to have gained financial serenity. 

Any advice you would like to share with a newbie who may be reading this? 

First of all, get comfortable with self promotion. If your product is wearable, always wear it in some form; if you make jewelry, wear your own jewelry. Second, whatever means you choose, be consistant. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or blogging, set a schedule and stick to it. Always remember to "pay it forward"; if you have a facebook page, connect with those who have "fanned" you, set aside time to read their comments and respond on a regular basis. If you have a blog with followers, make sure you check out their blogs and leave comments.

Where can you be found online?

Discount for my blog followers:

Specially for any of your readers, I will offer free shipping from now through December 15, 2010. When ordering, leave a message in the special instruction box stating that they discovered me from Alexander's Designs Blog.

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