Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sepia Decals for Glass Fusing

As you may know, my husband and I create a line of jewelry.  But we also create a line of Sepia Decals for glass fusing, enameling and ceramics.  

Our decals are ready made so you can easily add pictures to your any COE fused glass, ceramics, enamel, and model projects. You get a couple of free decals to test on-so you don't waste the ones you pay for.
Example of 4 x 5 inch sheet of decals from

Each $5 sheet is about 4 inches by 5 inches (minus any margin needed).  And you guessed it, a full 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet is $20.  We create ready made and custom decals.  Our ready made decals are available at: and you can contact us through there or here about our custom made sheets.

Most of our decal images are about 1 inch and there can be up to 30 (and sometimes more) decals on one small sheet.  When you custom order a sheet of decals, the images will be in whatever size you need them to be in.

The images on the decal will turn a nice sepia (browns) tone once fired. The darker black an image is before firing means it will be a darker brown after firing. The lighter grey decals should only be fired onto white glass as they will not show up on colored glass very well.

Custom Made Pendant from a photograph

Just cut, soak decal in water, apply to glass and fire to permanently fuse design onto glass surface. Image will not scratch off or fade when applied correctly. Instructions for glass fusing come with your purchase.  We currently do not have full instructions for enamel or ceramic firings yet.

Example of Sepia Decal after firing

Example of Sepia Decals before firing

Our water slide decals can also be used to customize your models with signature stripes, logos, initials, and signs too!

Yes you can even use our decals on your model projects like model railroads, die-cast cars, ships, vehicles, rockets, airplanes, etc. No firing needed, just apply and let dry. To protect your image from scratches, apply a clear acrylic top coat to the decal.

All decals are made in our pet loving home. Some images are stock clip art and others are artwork and photography created by our family.

At you will also find my destash jewelry supplies.  Recently I have moved into a larger studio and was forced to clean the old one out, so I have a few things that I just don't need anymore.  My loss of your gain because I am selling these for less than what I paid for them.  So I am sure you will get a good deal.  And I like to throw freebies in with my orders!

Have a fabulous day!

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