Saturday, July 25, 2009

South Dakota Pictures

Amazing Timber Bridges get you down the huge hills, some cork screw you around, and it is so quiet up there.
Tatonka are over the place here and there, over there, on a hill, just everywhere! Lots of babies too. These were blocking the road and you have to wait for them to move.

Big Daddy Tatonka.

Here's George, so many ways you can view Mt. Rushmore. Long hike to if you are up to it. I was panting like a dog when I got done.

All four of them just hanging out.

The big Missouri River. Down this way we know it as a muddy, nasty river. Up there it is almost crystal clear and it is gorgeous.

Hot Springs, S. Dakota has a site where many Mamoths have been found. It is an on going dig too, so many more are hiding under the dirt still.

Gold Mining in Keystone!!! We did find gold, maybe $5 worth. Nothing to write home about, but we had a good time!
Did you know that "Gold Fever" was just mercury poisoning??? Who'd a thunk.

Crazy Horse, still under progress. Here you can see what it will look like and in the background you can see how far they have gotten.

Another bridge!

Birdies taking a ride on the Tatonka, they were enjoying a feast too!

My special three with the big four.

We also went rock hunting, I was too busy hunting to take pictures of that. But I hope you will find our new stones in our new jewelry designs soon.
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Funnyface said...

Very cool pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This post makes me wanna jump in an RV and hit the road to explore this beautiful country :) Thanks for sharing these great photos!

The Haeven Crew said...

looks like you had a great trip! :D said...

Hey - how was rv livin'? Watch out it gets in your blood. I want more pics and more details!!!! Kel